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Active Plugins

PluginSpine, WDS, or N/A VisibilityResources
Breadcrumb NavXTN/AVisibleNot applicable
Duplicate and Merge PostsSpineVisibleUse WSUWP Plugin | Duplicate Post with the WDS theme.
Enable jQuery Migrate HelperSpineHiddenNot applicable
Export All URLsN/AVisibleExport All URLs Resources
Google XML SitemapsN/AVisibleNot applicable
Gravity FormsN/AHiddenNot applicable
Public Post PreviewN/AVisibleNot applicable
Simple Post HiddentesN/AVisibleNot applicable
TablePressN/AHiddenTablePress Resources
TablePress Extension: DataTables ButtonsN/AVisibleNot applicable
TablePress Extension: DataTables Row GroupingN/AVisibleNot applicable
TablePress Extension: Responsive TablesN/AHiddenNot applicable
TablePress Extension: Row FilteringN/AVisibleNot applicable
The Events CalendarN/AVisibleNot applicable
The Events Calendar PRON/AHiddenNot applicable
The Events Calendar: Filter BarN/AVisibleNot applicable
WP Document RevisionsN/AVisibleNot applicable
WSU MailChimpSpineVisibleNot applicable
WSUWP Gutenberg AccessibilityWDSVisibleWSUWP Gutenberg Accessibility Resources
WSUWP Last LoginN/AVisibleNot applicable
WSUWP Plugin | Duplicate PostWDSVisibleThis plugin replaces Duplicate and Merge Posts when using the WDS Theme.
WSUWP Post RedirectN/AVisibleNot applicable
WSUWP Social Media ToolsN/AVisibleNot applicable
WSUWP ToolboxN/AHiddenNot applicable
WSUWP ToolsN/AVisibleWSUWP Tools Resources
WSUWP User RolesN/AVisibleNot applicable

Special Use Plugins

Submit a general web help web support ticket if you think one of these plugins could help your website and we can discuss using it.

PluginSpine, WDS, or N/A VisibilityResources
ACF Field For Contact Form 7N/AVisibleNot applicable
Advanced Custom Fields PRON/AVisibleNot applicable
CAHNRS Pods RolesWDSVisibleNot applicable
CAHNRS WSUWP Pagebuilder 3.0SpineHiddenNot applicable
CAHNRS WSUWP Plugin CoreSpineHiddenNot applicable
CAHNRSWSUWP People ProfilesSpineVisibleNot applicable
Edit FlowN/AVisibleNot applicable
Freemius FixerN/AVisibleNot applicable
GP Easy PassthroughN/AVisibleNot applicable
GP Limit ChoicesN/AVisibleNot applicable
GP Limit SubmissionsN/AVisibleNot applicable
GP Nested FormsN/AVisibleNot applicable
GP Word CountN/AVisibleNot applicable
Gravity Forms Polls Add-OnN/AVisibleNot applicable
Gravity Forms Survey Add-OnN/AVisibleNot applicable
Gravity Forms Trello Add-OnN/AVisibleNot applicable
Gravity Forms Zapier Add-OnN/AVisibleNot applicable
Gravity PerksN/AVisibleNot applicable
Pods - Custom Content Types and FieldsN/AVisibleNot applicable
Query MonitorN/AVisibleNot applicable
Watson AssistantN/AVisibleNot applicable
WSUWP Alumni AwardsSpineVisibleNot applicable
WSUWP Campus UpdatesSpineVisibleNot applicable


Submit a general web help web support ticket if you think one of these plugins could help your website and we can discuss compatibility issues.

PluginSpine, WDS, or N/A VisibilityResources
BU NavigationN/AVisibleNot applicable
Contact Form 7N/AVisibleNot applicable
Editorial Access ManagerN/AVisibleThe Editorial Access Manager plugin is discouraged because it was last updated 6 years ago and has not been tested with the last 3 major WordPress releases.
Gallery Carousel Without JetPackSpineVisibleNot applicable
Image-shortcakeSpineVisibleNot applicable
Metro SitemapN/AVisibleNot applicable
Multiple Post PasswordsN/AVisibleNot applicable
Rewrite Rules InspectorN/AVisibleNot applicable
Shortcake (Shortcode UI)SpineVisibleNot applicable
Shortcake BakerySpineVisibleNot applicable
SyntaxHighlighter EvolvedN/AVisibleNot applicable
The Events Calendar: Community EventsN/AHiddenNot applicable
TinyMCE AdvancedSpineVisibleNot applicable
WP TimelineN/AHiddenNot applicable
WSU Color PaletteSpineHiddenNot applicable
WSU Spine Section IDsSpineVisibleNot applicable
WSUWP A-Z IndexWDSVisibleNot applicable
WSUWP Home HeadlinesSpineVisibleNot applicable
WSUWP Issue BuilderSpineVisibleNot applicable
WSUWP Legacy TemplatesSpineVisibleNot applicable
WSUWP Plugin BlocksWDSHiddenNot applicable
WSUWP Public Pending Posts & PagesSpineVisibleNot applicable
WSUWP RadiusSpineVisibleNot applicable
WSUWP Table of Contents GeneratorSpineVisibleNot applicable
WSUWP Video BackgroundsSpineVisibleNot applicable
WSUWP YouTube EmbedSpineVisibleNot applicable
Yoast SEON/AHiddenUse Google XML Sitemaps and WSUWP Social Media Tools to replace Yost SEO.


Submit a general web help web support ticket if you think one of these plugins could help your website and we can discuss compatibility issues.

PluginSpine, WDS, or N/A VisibilityResources
(BETA) WSUWP Auto-TaggingWDSVisibleNot applicable
(BETA) WSUWP NewsWDSVisibleNot applicable
BETA - WSUWP Newsletter GeneratorWDSVisibleNot applicable
Blubrry PowerPressN/AHiddenNot applicable
Gift Wrapper for WooCommerceN/AVisibleNot applicable
GutenbergN/AHiddenNot applicable
PhotoShelter ImporterN/AVisibleNot applicable
University Center ObjectsSpineVisibleNot applicable
Woo Discount RulesN/AVisibleNot applicable
Woo Discount Rules PRO 2.0N/AVisibleNot applicable
WooCommerceN/AHiddenNot applicable
WooCommerce Gravity Forms Product Add-OnsN/AVisibleNot applicable
WooCommerce Order Status ControlN/AVisibleNot applicable
WSU People DirectorySpineHiddenNot applicable
WSU Press WooKitty ExtensionN/AVisibleNot applicable
WSU ScholarshipsSpineVisibleNot applicable
WSU SearchSpineVisibleNot applicable
WSU Show and HideSpineVisibleNot applicable
WSUWP Covid Email (Restricted)WDSVisibleNot applicable
WSUWP ExploreWDSVisibleNot applicable
WSUWP Extended WooCommerceSpineVisibleNot applicable
WSUWP Fields of StudyWDSVisibleNot applicable
WSUWP Logo GeneratorWDSVisibleNot applicable
WSUWP People APIWDSVisibleNot applicable
WSUWP People DataStoreWDSVisibleNot applicable
WSUWP plugin woocommerce WA tax dataN/AVisibleNot applicable
WSUWP VALS Custom RolesN/AVisibleNot applicable
WSUWS WooCommerce Payment GatewayN/AHiddenNot applicable


On the first pass through the list of plugins we didn’t know where to place these. 🙂 So they are labeled mystery. Submit a general web help web support ticket if you think one of these plugins could help your website and we can discuss compatibility issues.

PluginSpine, WDS, or N/A VisibilityResources
Custom Posts Per PageNot applicableVisibleNot applicable
Customize SnapshotsNot applicableVisibleNot applicable
Genericon'dNot applicableVisibleNot applicable
HTML Component EmbedNot applicableVisibleNot applicable
o2Not applicableVisibleNot applicable
Publish Feed ItemsNot applicableVisibleNot applicable
WP By EmailNot applicableVisibleNot applicable
WP CrontrolNot applicableVisibleNot applicable