Digital Accessibility

WSU updated the digital accessibility policy, Executive Policy #7: Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) Accessibility Policy, and has engaged in a continuous process to update digital accessibility procedures to serve our community best and to meet state and federal requirements.

Digital Accessibility is Everyone’s Responsibility

All WSU employees who create or publish digital content, such as email, documents, multimedia, and websites, are responsible for ensuring it is accessible and provides an inclusive experience.

Required Digital Accessibility Assessment

The required digital accessibility assessment is designed to help increase awareness and knowledge around digital accessibility.

Important: This assessment must be completed yearly per university policy.

Website Editors and Owners’ Responsibilities

Website Owners

Subdomain (website) owners (see Executive Policy 21) are responsible for ensuring that content on their website(s) is accessible in conformance with EP7, and all content publishers (editors) at the University must participate in annual digital accessibility assessment before publishing content online. (see Business Policies and Procedures Manual 85.55)

Compliance Requirements

All web content must meet the digital accessibility policies and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) as a minimum accessibility standard.