Use blocks to add content and build your webpages. The available blocks in the Web Design System (WDS) consist of standard WordPress blocks, custom WDS blocks, and plugin blocks.

Note: Some WordPress blocks may not have all or different options available as presented in the WordPress Block instruction pages.

Check back as we add new instructions and blocks.

Need Help with a Block?


Button, Paragraph, and Heading are demonstrated in the Web Design System (WDS) Training video.

  • People List (Custom WDS block)
  • Button (Custom WDS block)
  • Menu
  • Stat (Custom WDS block)
  • Paragraph (Source: WordPress)
  • Heading (Source: WordPress)
  • List (Source: WordPress)
  • Quote (Source: WordPress)
  • Shortcode (Source: WordPress)
  • Classic (Source: WordPress)
  • Table (Source: WordPress)



Hero Banner, Columns, and Page Title are demonstrated in the Web Design System (WDS) Training video.

  • Accordion (Custom WDS block)
  • Aside/Callout (Custom WDS block)
  • Note (Custom WDS block)
  • Card (Custom WDS block)
  • Card Group (Custom WDS block)
  • Generic Container (Custom WDS block)
  • Page Banner (Beta)
  • Decorator (Custom WDS block)
  • Hero Banner (Custom WDS block)
  • Hero Slider (Custom WDS block)
  • Columns (Source: WordPress)
  • Section (Custom WDS block)
  • Page Title (Custom WDS block)
  • (Experimental) Outline Header
  • Beta (Overlap Advanced) (Custom WDS block)
  • Overlap Spotlight (Custom WDS block)
  • Sticky Navigation (Custom WDS block)
  • Separator (Source: WordPress)
  • Spacer (Source: WordPress)


  • Breadcrumbs (Plugin block)



  • News (Deprecated)
  • New Cards (Custom WDS block)
  • News List (Custom WDS block)
  • Code (Source: WordPress)
  • Custom HTML (Source: WordPress)
  • News Card (Deprecated)