Use blocks to add content and build your webpages. The available blocks in the Web Design System (WDS) consist of standard WordPress blocks, custom WDS blocks, and plugin blocks.

Note: Some WordPress blocks may not have all or different options available as presented in the WordPress Block instruction pages.

Check back as we add new instructions and blocks.

A crimson beta fish with a black background.


Use this block at your own risk but do not use it in production.
Hands pouring two test tubes into a beaker.


This means do not use. Submit a Web Support Ticket if you cannot live without this block.
A halloween type gravestone with R I P.


This block is no longer in use. It is strongly encouraged that you replace it with another block.

Need Help with a Block?


Button, Paragraph, and Heading are demonstrated in the Web Design System (WDS) Training video.

  • Paragraph (Source: WordPress)
  • Heading (Source: WordPress)
  • List (Source: WordPress)
  • Quote (Source: WordPress)
  • Classic (Source: WordPress)
  • Shortcode (Source: WordPress)
  • Table (Source: WordPress)
  • People List (Custom WDS block)
  • Button (Custom WDS block)
  • Menu (Custom WDS block)
  • Stat (Custom WDS block)



Hero Banner, Columns, and Page Title are demonstrated in the Web Design System (WDS) Training video.

  • Separator (Source: WordPress)
  • Spacer (Source: WordPress)
  • Accordion (Custom WDS block)
  • Aside/Callout (Custom WDS block)
  • Note (Custom WDS block)
  • Card (Custom WDS block)
  • Card Group (Custom WDS block)
  • Carousel (Custom WDS block)
  • Generic Container (Custom WDS block)
  • Page Banner (Beta)
  • Decorator (Custom WDS block)
  • Hero Banner (Custom WDS block)
  • Hero Slider (Custom WDS block)
  • Columns (Source: WordPress)
  • Section (Custom WDS block)
  • Page Title (Custom WDS block)
  • (Experimental) Outline Header
  • Beta (Overlap Advanced) (Custom WDS block)
  • Overlap Spotlight (Custom WDS block)
  • Sticky Navigation (Custom WDS block)




  • News (Deprecated) – Use New Cards.
  • News Card (Deprecated) – Use New Cards.
  • New Cards (Custom WDS block)
  • News List (Custom WDS block)