Launch a Website

When your website is ready, submit a web support ticket to publish/launch website.

  • Please allow at least 4 business days to launch your site.
  • New third-level ( and fourth-level ( domains need approval before launching the site and at least 5 business days to implement.

See Pre-Launch Checklist to your website is ready before launching your website.

Pre-launch Checklists

Some helpful things to check before launching your site.

Brand Dos and Don’ts Checks

More details can be found at in the digital web section of the brand website.


  • Global header with the Cougar head logo is present.
  • Accent colors are used for only borders, page dividers, and other accent elements.
  • Use headings to organize content and make it easy to scan.
  • Do use bold to emphasize important text
    Note: keeping the number of bolded words below 6.
  • Buttons are used to call out important actions.
  • Use only 1 style of buttons.
  • Do use descriptive text for links.

Do not

  • Don’t add custom logos to the global header or the site header.
  • Don’t use accent colors as text color or for the background of headers, columns, and other large areas.
  • Don’t use crimson or accent colors as the text color for headings.
  • Don’t use underlines or text color to add text emphasis.
  • Don’t use more than 3-5 buttons in a group or as a list of links.
  • Don’t use the website URL for link text.

Pre-Launch Check

  • Custom Domain is approved. (Only necessary for those requesting a custom domain.)
  • All your content is ready
    • All published pages are necessary.
    • Delete pages you do not need.
    • Change pages to draft if they are not ready.
  • Check all published pages for accessibility issues and correct them.

Additional Checks

Content Check

  • Proofread your content.
  • All pages have page titles and Heading 1 headings.
  • Check that all links work.
  • Check contact information in Customize.
  • Add your social media links in Customize.

Forms Check

  • Test all forms.
  • Do you have the right error messages? Check the form’s error messages. Do they accurately describe information needed?
  • Check the confirmation messages and emails.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Check

  • Check web page URLs.
    Links should follow the structure of where the page resides in the navigation.
  • Consider setting up redirects for web page URLs that were deleted.
  • Add excerpt to each page.
    An excerpt is a description of the page, used in search engine result pages, that are less then 150 characters. By default, WordPress will use the first portion of the text on the page and truncate it if too long.
  • Set up Analytics
    Make sure the Google Analytics code from the old site is moved over to your new site. Or, if you don’t have one, submit a web support ticket to request a Google Analytics tracking code.

Additional Resources

Export All URLs Plugin

The use the export plugin to get an inventory of your pages, posts, and other content types.