What We Are Working on

This is a brief outline of what we are working on this quarter. More details will be added as we work through building website, updating the Web Design System, and working on projects.

First Quarter 2023



A mini project to update the Transfer site into the WDS theme.

Expected completion date: January 2023

Web Design System

New Menu Type

A combination menu option of horizontal and vertical menus to help larger websites like campus sites and large college websites like CAHNRS and College of Medicine.

Project Lead: Matt Davis

Scheduling Blocks

A feature adding scheduling to publish and unpublish blocks.

Project Lead: Dan White

In-page Checker

An in-page checker will check the page for missing links, hashtag links, alternative text, heading structure, and no heading structure.

Project Lead: Dan White

Unit Header

A new Unit Header will be available to use instead of the current WDS header.

Project Lead: Danial Bleile


People Directory Plugin

Integrating more functionality for a people directory within a website. This will include syncing with the people in the People Directory, being able to add non-WSU people in a website, making updates to people’s profiles locally (within a website) that is not reflected back to the People Directory or the displays of people on other websites.

Project Lead: Dan White

People Directory Website

Making the People Directory more a central repository for people and connecting it up to the information in Work Day.

Project Lead: Dan White

GA4 Migration

The current Google Analytics tracking will be migrated over to GA4. There will be two tag managers, one for tracking and one for marketing. In addition, there will be a field for a unit’s own tracking code.

Tentative completion date: January 2023

Project Lead: Danial Bleile

Looking Forward to 2023

  • Migrate from FormTool into uPay (first quarter 2023)

Accomplishments of 2022

  • wsu.edu
  • pullman.wsu.edu
  • admissions.wsu.edu
  • Decorator Block
  • Overlap Spotlight Block
  • Stat Block
  • Sticky Navigation Block
  • Developer Settings (Additional Advanced Settings)
  • Horizontal Option Added to the Card Block