Transactional Forms

FormTool (Deprecated)

This is going away. The server housing Form Tool is being shut down. The Modernization team is the administrator for TouchNet.

Those with active forms with transactions within the last 6 months have already been moved to the temporary FormTool replacement.


It is a good idea to download any data you need from your FormTool forms now. We do have the database copied and can get to the information but it is not the easiest process to get the information.

Get a TouchNet UStore

Colleges and Departments should set up a TouchNet Marketplace UStore.

The Modernization Team will do the initial backend setup and train customers on the system so customers can manage it themselves. The number of products and customizations with the storefront can add additional time to the setup process.

Temporary FormTool Replacement

Since the Modernization Team can set up a TouchNet Marketplace UStore we are no longer building temporary transactional form websites.

Please submit a web support ticket using general help if you have questions about your current transactional form website.