Web Design System (WDS) Training

Web Design System (WDS) allows for implementation across websites and applications. It provides a beautiful, accessible, and usable web presence for WSU.

The WDS as a WordPress theme brings with it a new editing experience with the block editor.

WDS Theme and Block Editor Training

This training video will get you started with your website in the WDS theme.

Note: Bring your follow-up questions to Open Lab or Slack.

If it looks like a bug, Report a Bug/Issue web support ticket.
Also, check the Glitch List

Note: Check our glitch list for current bugs, blunders, snags, and snafus.

Ready to Move into WDS?

Use the request a new website web support ticket to update to the web design system.

Spine Theme

A spine theme training video for the Spine Theme is available.

Note: Site owners with the spine theme are encouraged to move into the WDS.