Washington State University has two tools people can utilize when gathering input.

While there is quite a bit of shared functionality between the tools, they each have their strong suits.

Transaction Form? Collecting Money?

If you need to collect money electronically, please read this information about transactional forms.

Comparison of Form Tools

Form TypesGravity FormQualtrics
Credit Card Processingnono
Sensitive & Protected Datanoyes
General Inquiriesyesyes
Surveysyes (Excludes sensitive & protected data)yes
Sensitive & Protected Data and FERPA

Important: Qualtrics is the only tool available for gathering sensitive & protected data. This includes information protected under FERPA.
WSU: WSU FERPA – Rights and Privacy (Directory Information) & FERPA Training
U.S. Department of Education: Protecting Student Privacy: FERPA

Gravity Forms

Labeled as “Forms” in the left menu of your WordPress site’s backend.

Send a request to either your Web Coordinator or submit a web support ticket to general help to add the Gravity Forms Plugin.



Signing into WSU’s Qualtrics account will automatically create your account with the ability to create new surveys.

Support Inquiries: WSU Surveys


  • Third-party service that WSU has an enterprise-level licence with
  • Excellent for large surveys with conditional logic
  • Built-in Data visualization tools
  • Can be distributed anonymously