Request a Website

Whether it is a new website or a stage website for an existing website, submit a web support ticket to request a new website. You can include the users and user role with this request as well.

Update to Web Design System (WDS)

Submit a web support ticket to request a new websites for a WDS stage website.

Custom Domain

Learn about the process for requesting third-level domains (

Other Types of Websites

Lab Websites

WSU Labs ( provides a space for a faculty member’s research lab or a group’s research lab.

Submit a web support ticket to request a new lab website.

Hub Websites

Hub sites ( are for those that don’t fall under a department or unit, are not a lab website, and do not qualify for a third level domain.

Submit a web support ticket to request a new website.

Other Websites


Note about websites

Websites using must be a recognized WSU Center.

Unavailable Website Services

We are unable to provide services for these types of websites.

Helpful Procedures

Next Steps

Web Accessibility Training

The required web accessibility training is designed to help increase awareness and knowledge around web accessibility.

WordPress Training

Take our Web Design System (WDS) Training with video and step by step instruction.


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