Web Advisory Committee

About the Committee

The web advisory committee is a multi-discipline group of web & design professionals spanning multiple colleges, units, and campuses. The primary focus of the group is to provide input and feedback on University Marketing and Communications initiatives that will impact the broader web community at WSU.

The web advisory committee also assists with internal approvals to help ensure that decisions are equitable and take into account the broader needs of the university wide system.

Committee Members

  • Danial Bleile, Web Development Director
  • Joyce Crosthwaite, Senior Web Coordinator
  • Matt Davis, Front-end Developer
  • Charles Dillon, Sr. Graphic Designer
  • Lesa McPeak, Web Services Manager
  • Ryan Savage, Development Team Manager, ASIS
  • Wendy Steele, Multimedia Specialist, Accessible Technology Manager
  • Monique ‘Mo’ Coppinger, Graphic Designer, WSUTC
  • Dan White, WordPress Developer
  • Bradley Wickett, Systems Analyst/Web Development

Questions & Comments for Web Advisory Committee

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