Updated: January 27, 2023

Current Glitches

  • Card Group: The 1:1 image ratio is using the wrong CSS class. It will be updated for the correct one.
    Glitch Status: Woopsie!
  • Hero Slider: There are display, image size, and image display issues.
    Glitch StatusMatt (sound) will confer with the boss about this.
  • People Directory ( Adding people is case sensitive. Please use all lowercase letters when adding someone to the site.
    Use: butch.cougar
    Don’t Use: Butch.Cougar
    Glitch StatusPatience, we’re getting right to it. Submit a web support ticket for general help if you think you have a duplicate profile.
  • Print Style: Safari browser isn’t playing nicely with our print style. Notice something printing wonky in Safari or in any other browser
    Glitch Status: No trees were harmed during the testing of this glitch.
  • WordPress Not Sending Emails: An update will fix WordPress not sending emails to Admins. When fixed Admins may see an influx of notices as WordPress catches up on the missed emails.
    Glitch Status: Update


  • Feeds from News Cards and Card Group are now using the University Organization tag to filter the news feed.
    Glitch Status: Danial is pleased this is fixed. (Fixed 1/27/2023)
  • People Block: People are encountering an error when editing a page with a People block on it.
    Glitch StatusDan fixed it! (Fixed 1/17/2023)
  • People Block with Gallery Block or Card Group Block: having both of these on a page causes a similar issue as just the People block.
    Glitch StatusDan is on a roll! He fixed this too. (Fixed 1/17/2023)