Updated: April 14, 2023

Current Glitches

  • Cards: Selecting Link full card adds an empty link to the card. It just needs a little updating with the code.
    Glitch Status: Just a little tweak is needed.
  • Cards, News Cards, and Accessibility Plugin: The linked images appear as an alert in the accessibility plugin even though it is designed to meet accessibility requirements.
    Glitch Status: Dan is working on it!
  • Carousel: small glitch with the width and sizing of cards.
    Glitch Status: We are looking into it.
  • Embed Block with YouTube video: Settings for the embed block with a youtube video are removed when the page is edited again. (Temporary solution: Add the embed block code with the YouTube video to the Embed Code plugin. (Tools > Embed Code)
    Glitch Status: We are testing it out.
  • Hero Slider: There are display, image size, and image display issues.
    Glitch StatusMatt is thinking of a solution.
  • Hero Slider: A slide with a title, caption, and button has the area around the link text linked but not the link.
    Glitch Status: We’ll catch that link.
  • Image Block with alignment and margins: Images that are aligned left or right with custom margin spacing are not displaying with the margin on the page.
    Glitch Status: Yep, this should be on the glitch list.
  • People Directory ( Adding people is case-sensitive. Please use all lowercase letters when adding someone to the site.
    Use: butch.cougar
    Don’t Use: Butch.Cougar
    Glitch StatusPatience, we’re getting right to it. Submit a web support ticket for general help if you think you have a duplicate profile.
  • Preview Refresh: When previewing a webpage it will refresh after a short time period.
    Glitch Status: WordPress is having a field day!
  • Print Style: Safari browser isn’t playing nicely with our print style. Notice something printing wonky in Safari or in any other browser
    Glitch Status: No trees were harmed during the testing of this glitch.
  • Quote Block: Is this a glitch or a new feature not entirely implemented? The Quote Block shows a black bar on the list, similar to the Note block on the editing side of the page and not on the published side.
    Glitch Status: We are asking Danial about it.
  • Skip to Content Focus: Is it a glitch? Or not?
    Glitch Status:
  • WordPress Not Sending Emails: An update will fix WordPress not sending emails to Admins. When fixed Admins may see an influx of notices as WordPress catches up on the missed emails.
    Glitch Status: Update
  • YouTube Spacing at the Bottom: Embedding a YouTube video will leave a large space below the video on the editing side and does not appear on the published page.


  • Accessibility Plugin: It is displaying a ghost icon on All Pages. It is showing alerts when there isn’t an alert on the page.
    Glitch Status: Dan found it! (Fixed 4/5/2023)
  • Alternative Text for unlinked images in Cards and Hero Banner: Images that are not linked in cards and hero banners will use the alternative text in the media library. The next phase will be adding the ability to edit the alternative text in the block.
    Glitch Status: Dan is awesome! (Fixed 2/10/2023)
  • Blog Post – Full Text: Reading Settings for Full Text isn’t being respected. It displays the summary instead.
    Glitch Status: Danial made a checkbox in Customize. (Fixed 3/31/2023)
  • Caption covers image using a frame: A quick styling fix will solve this issue. Look for it soon.
    Glitch Status: Danial is secretly a magician. (Fixed 3/31/2023)
  • Card Group: The 1:1 image ratio is using the wrong CSS class. It will be updated for the correct one.
    Glitch Status: Dan fixed it! (Fixed 2/27/2023)
  • Feeds from News Cards and Card Group are now using the University Organization tag to filter the news feed.
    Glitch Status: Danial is pleased this is fixed. (Fixed 1/27/2023)
  • Image Block: The image dimensions in the image panel are not displaying as anticipated.
    Glitch Status: Its looking good now!
  • News Cards & Accessibility Plugin: A news card using an external feed (ex: locks up the page when the Accessibility Plugin is activated. Deactivating the plugin will “unlock” the page.
    Glitch Status: Dan fixed another one. (Fixed 2/27/2023)
  • Overlay, Containers, & Images: A frame on an image when the image is smaller than the container will not show the full frame because the frame is attached to the container and not the image.
    Glitch Status: We are looking into it.
  • Overlay Spotlight: It is having a little overlapping issue on smaller screens.
    Glitch Status: We’ll got it looking better. (Fixed 4/14/2023)
  • People Block: People are encountering an error when editing a page with a People block on it.
    Glitch StatusDan fixed it! (Fixed 1/17/2023)
  • People Block: Adding 1 category or tag filter does not filter the display of people.
    Glitch Status: All Hail Dan! (Fixed 3/8/2023)
  • People Block: If a category or tag is without people using the category or tag it does not display.
    Glitch Status: Whoop! Whoop! (Fixed 3/8/2023)
  • People Block with Gallery Block or Card Group Block: having both of these on a page causes a similar issue as just the People block.
    Glitch StatusDan is on a roll! He fixed this too. (Fixed 1/17/2023)
  • TablePress: A couple of glitches to look at: Crimson border on each table, hover on non-interactive headers, and horizontal scrolling ignores the full-width settings on the table.
    Glitch Status: VICTORY (Fixed 4/14/2023)