Migration to AWS Server

Spring 2024 to Early Summer 2024

We will be moving our WordPress networks to the AWS server from spring 2024 until early summer 2024.

Changes to Your WordPress Website

This move will make very little difference to your website but very beneficial. The move includes an update in the WordPress version and PHP.

Users shouldn’t experience much of a change in the editing experience.

If you have an issue with the website or have a question about the migration, please submit a web support ticket for general help.

Server & WordPress Environment

  • Update from PHP## to PHP##
  • Upgrade in WordPress version (5.6.2 to 6.2.2)
  • Sending email issue is fixed
  • OKTA authentication (login)

Gutenberg Editor & Blocks

  • More control over the List block with List as a container and individual List items
  • Image block added ratio controls for the image
  • Ability to lock blocks
  • Ability to copy styles and paste styles
  • Widgets are built with blocks

Networks Moved

To Be Moved

  • Advancement Network
  • ASIS Network
  • CAHNRS CW Network
  • CAHNRS Extension Network
  • CAHNRS WP Network
  • CAS WP Network
  • Chemistry WP Network
  • Clean Technologies Network
  • COB Student Portfolios Network
  • College of Business Network
  • College of Education Network
  • College of Medicine Network
  • College of Veterinary Medicine Network
  • Crimson Pages Network
  • Division of Academic Engagement and Student Achievement Network
  • Event Registration Network
  • Everett Student Portfolios Network
  • Everett WP Network
  • Faculty Site for the Business Program
  • FAIS Network
  • Financial Aid Network
  • Foundation Network
  • Global Campus Network
  • Graduate School Network
  • Honors College Network
  • Information Technology Network
  • Labs Network
  • MME Network
  • Murrow Network
  • Museum Network
  • Nursing Network
  • Orphan Sites
  • People SES Network
  • President Network
  • Project Network
  • Provost Network
  • Puyallup Network
  • Research Network
  • Safety Network
  • Screens Network
  • Spokane Network
  • Student Success Network
  • Students SES Network
  • The Hub Network
  • University Communications Network
  • Vancouver Labs Network
  • VCEA Network
  • Voiland CEA
  • WS Magazine Network
  • WSU Network
  • WSUWP Platform – Global


  • Compliance and Civil Rights Network
  • International Programs Network