Track Missing Webpages (Page Not Found)

Use Google Analytics 4 to monitor missing webpages (Page not Found) and search terms. These reports can be helpful when you’ve changed the link (URLs) of webpages or removed webpages.

Create Google Analytic Reports For Webpage Not Found

  1. In Reports, drill down to Pages and Screens under Engagement.
    Reports > Business objectives > Examine user behavior > Pages and screens
  2. Use Page title and screen name and Page path and screen class
    At the top of the table, make sure the Page title and screen name is listed. Use the drop-down arrow to select if the Page title and screen name is not selected. For the second dimension, use the drop-down list to search for the Page path and screen class.
  3. In the search field above the table add Page not Found
    In the empty field, you’ll want to add the full-page title.
    “Page not found | [your website name] | Washington State University”
    Example: Page not found | Web Communication | Washington State University

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