Find Duplicate Webpage URLs

Use the Export All URLs Plugin to find duplicate webpages.

-2 Webpages

A slug URL with a dash 2 at the end,

When WordPress encounters a webpage with the same URL slug it will append a -2 to the URL slug.

Having this -2 within the slug isn’t a terrible situation but it is better and cleaner if your website doesn’t have -2 in the URL slug.

A website URL with a dash 2 at the end,

Note: Webpages whose URL slug is a number will have the -2 appended to it. You want to keep these -2 in the URL slug. Everything in WordPress is given an ID number, all webpages, posts, images, etc. When a webpage slug is a number WordPress will append to the slug a -2. This will prevent the webpage from being confused or causing problems with the item in WordPress of the same number.

A website URL with a dash 2 at the end,

How to

Export the URLs for your website with the Export All URLs plugin.

Export Types

Either option, Output here or CVS File will produce the same list of URLs. It is a personal preference and files can be created multiple times.

  • If using Output here in step 6a from Export All URLs, then use CTRL + F (CMD +F) to start the search tool built into your browser. Add -2/ to the search field.
  • If using CSV File in step 6b from Export All URLs, then use the Find option, usually CTRL + F (CMD +F), in the document program and search for -2/.