Oct. 13, 2023 Open Lab Notes: People Directory Demo, Open Labs for 2023,

Open Labs for 2023

These are the Open Lab dates for the rest of 2023.

  • October: 20, 27
  • November: 3
  • December: 1, 8, 15

What We Are Working on

Project Websites

  • People Directory (Phase 1): So many changes
    • Don’t look at the style. This is still a work in progress
    • Quality of Life updates coming:
      • Dual Role: This is a problem area with the people directory and profiles that have multiple roles within the university system.
      • Missing tags: When tags are not added you can lose people in the People Directory.
      • Private Accounts: Currently, you need to manually change the profiles when they change to private in WorkDay. In the future, this update made in WorkDay will extend to the profile in the People Directory.
    • (Beta) Directory: It is located above Profiles in the People Directory.
      Beta: Use this at your own risk but do not use it in production.
      • Start at the top level of your organization and add sub-directories or sub-sub-directories. (You can change the structure of your organization if things need to be reorganized.)
      • Set up a new directory: Select Add New to add a new directory. It will be in the classic editor. In the Editor panel, select Switch the Block Editor. Name your directory and save. Either add people or create a subdirectory with Create a Directory.
      • Add Profiles to a (sub)directory: Either add people individually by selecting +Add People or select Advanced Import.
        • +Add People: Type a name (first, last, or both names) in the Search for People to Add field. Select the appropriate profile.
        • Advanced Import: From the dropdown list select the tag you would like to import into your directory. All profiles with that tag will be imported into the directory.
      • Add a directory to a WDS webpage with the People List block
        • There is a new panel in the People List called Select Directory.
        • In the Search for Directory field start typing your directory. The list is dynamically populated as you type the directory name.
        • The Edit Directory link is to the directory on the People Directory. Open the link in a new tab.


  • Time out with WordPress on the AWS server: Dan updated the timeout to 24 hours.

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Glitch List

Submit a web support ticket to Report a Bug/Issue if you find a glitch.