Required Web Accessibility Training

The online web accessibility training is available for all web publishers at Washington State University. The training is a required yearly training for all publishers of web content at WSU in accordance with Executive Policy 7 and the Business Policies and Procedures Manual 85.55.

Who Needs to Take the Training?

All web developers, content publishers, editors, domain owners, or anyone with any other role updating WSU web content.

How Often Must Training be Completed?

Training must be completed yearly.

Web Support and Community

The WSU web community offers services to help you make your websites accessible. In addition to the web accessibility training, please take advantage of the web accessibility guides, ask questions during open lab, and join our #accessibility channel on Slack.

Check your Web Accessibility Training Status

This only works for email addresses.

“[{“isCertified”:”False”, “Expires”12/25/2000″,” indicates your training has expired or never completed.