Aug 18, 2023 Open Lab Notes: Events Block, News Authors, Media Contact, Widgets for Post Types.

What We Are Working on

Project Websites

  • Insider: Relaunched with the WDS 3.0
    Note: Check your News Feeds connect to to make sure everything is working correctly.

Web Design System

  • Events List Block: This block uses local events (Events Plugin) or an external feed, like This block is similar to News List Block.
    Note: Still some little bugs to work out.
  • (BETA) WSUWP News Authors: This plugin will allow you to add authors to a website, similar to adding categories or tags, and change the editor of the post or page to the author.
  • (BETA) WSUWP News Media Contacts: Similar to categories and tags, this allows you to create contact information (name, organization, email, and phone number)
  • Widgets for Post and Custom Post Types (Not in Production Yet): Adding custom widgets to posts and custom post types in the right column, and before or after content. Settings and configurations are in Customize and Widgets.
  • Body Class (Not in Production Yet): A field at the bottom of the post and custom post types in Customize to add custom CSS classes to the body for those post types.
  • Newly Launched WDS Websites:

New @

Glitch List

Submit a web support ticket to Report a Bug/Issue if you find a glitch.