Feb. 23, 2024 Open Lab Notes: Moving Your Website into the Web Design System (WDS) Event and Accesibiltiy and Usability Panel

What We Are Working on

Project Websites

  • Foundation: Anticipating to start soon on this project.
  • Vancouver: Anticipating to start soon on this project.

Web Design System

  • People Directory Indexing: Small bug that doesn’t want to index all the people all the time when there is a large group of people in the people directory involved.
  • WSUWP Gutenberg Accessibility: Added some new checks to the Accesibiltiy and Usability panel. This webpage will be updated shortly with the new checks.
  • Newly Launched WDS Websites:


  • Enrollment Management (EM) Branding: Implementation anticipated for April.
  • Server move: We will be moving the WordPress networks and website from our current server to our Amazon Web Services (AWS) server. Services on our server will be reaching an end of life in June.

New @ web.wsu.edu

Glitch List

  • Event List block: The Count changes back to 5 once update.

Submit a web support ticket to Report a Bug/Issue if you find a glitch.