Sept 15, 2023 Open Lab Notes: Card Group block, Hero Banner & MP4, and People Directory Updates

What We Are Working on

Project Websites

  • Degree Finder: Dan is making progress on this.

Web Design System

  • Card Group Block: For a Card Group using a feed there is a new option under Advanced to “Order by Title.” This will sort the cards by their title in alphbetical order instead of by publish date.
  • Border Color: The glitch is fixed.
  • Row color selection in a Column Block: Matt is working on fixing the background color selection so it looks and behaves the same way as the column background color selection.
  • Hero Slider: Matt is researching the best practices for the the Hero Slider and will begin rebuilding it.
  • Hero Banner: Danial is working on a way to add an MP4 file instead of using Vimeo link. MP4 files can be uploaded to your Media Library. Or submit a web support ticket for General Help and we can upload it to S3.
  • Newly Launched WDS Websites:


  • People Directory: Danial is making progress on and creating directories in the People Directory. There should be something to show and ask for feedback in the coming weeks.
  • WDS 4.0: This is still a long way off. Matt is researching infrastructure and best practices for WDS 4.0. It will include some legacy clean-up.

Glitch List

Submit a web support ticket to Report a Bug/Issue if you find a glitch.

Byte Size Tutorial

  • Decorators: A brief tutorial on an Overlap Spotlight block with a Decorator Block. (Additional instructions will be added to the Decorator block page.
  • Vimeo or YouTube?: Background videos are better for Vimeo since it is a video hosting platform. YouTube is better for shareable or marketing-type videos since YouTube is a video-sharing platform.
  • Embed the Vimeo code: Use the Embed Code for Vimeo’s embed code. Then add the embed code with a “shortcode”WSU Embed Code” block to the webpage.