Aug. 25, 2023 Open Lab Notes: Bug fixes for Hero Banner and Events List

No Open Lab next week, Sept 1, 2023.

What We Are Working on

Web Design System

  • Bug Fix:
    • AWS Updates: More quality of life updates than anything.
    • Hero Banner: Boxed Head Style: It is fixed. To fix your broken hero banners, where you can’t see the banner, just the text, select the Boxed Banner again.
    • Events List Block: Categories: It is fixed. Start typing in the category field and it will start filtering the event’s categories.
    • Events List Block: Date Display: The date, rather than the week number, displays on the list now. 🙂
    • Events List Block: Dark Mode: There is a toggle for dark mode on this block.
    • Events List: WSUWP Plugin Events API: We haven’t globally activated this plugin yet. We’d like it to be tested before it is globally activated.
    • Spine, Search, and Spam: Oh! My! Some malicious search spam was happening. You might be able to find it in Google Analytics. We’ve implemented two fixes, the page title for search result pages will be “search” plus, not include the search term and search result pages will have a no index, no follow added to discourage search engines from indexing the page.
  • Newly Launched WDS Websites:

Glitch List

  • People List Block: To have profiles from the people directory show up on your website, in the people list block don’t select the profile (People Display Settings) and add your profile page link in Advanced. And the people shortcode to the profile page. You’ll need to style the profile page on your website.
    Example Shortcode: [ wsuwp_people output="profile" photo_size="medium" display_fields="photo,name,title,university_organization,email,phone"]

Submit a web support ticket to Report a Bug/Issue if you find a glitch.

Byte Size Tutorial

  • (BETA) Overlap Advanced: A more advanced version of the overlap spotlight with two columns for blocks. Display options allow you to move the “column” to the front and adjust the overlap. Adding a Spacer block helps change the location of the blocks in the “columns.”
  • Hide at Breakpoint: Hide at Breakpoint is a dropdown list of breakpoints where you can choose to hide blocks. This is especially helpful for the spacer and decorator block.
  • CSS border all: wsu-border–crimson adds a thin crimson border around a block.