Aug. 4, 2023 Open Lab Notes: Event Block, new WDS Websites, & New Glitches

We have a new Zoom link for Open Lab! Monday’s “Week of” email has the new link in it.

This Open Lab notes is probably missing some info. I didn’t catch the first part of Open Lab.


What We Are Working on

Web Design System

Glitch List

  • Banner with Boxed Style Options: Editing this banner block is annoying. Cut the wsu-style--boxed from the Additional CSS class(es) under Advanced. Fix the banner. Then paste the CSS class back into the Additional CSS class(es) field.
  • Restyling the Accessibility & Usability Panel: We’ll be updating the style of the panel to make it a little more user-friendly (AKA: Improve the usability of the panel).

Submit a web support ticket to Report a Bug/Issue if you find a glitch.