Your WordPress Website in the Web Design System (WDS)

Information for your WordPress website in the WDS theme and block editor.

Converting a WordPress Website to Web Design System?

Information specific to WordPress sites converting to the WDS theme and block editor have additional information noted.

Setting up your WordPress website for WDS

Enabled Plugins

These plugins are activated by default.

Other plugins available

Please use plugins with caution. Don’t go plugin crazy and activate them all. See the list of available plugins and their purpose. We’ve included restricted, special use case, and deprecated plugins for reference.  

CSS & JavaScript

Please be aware of accessibility requirements when adding custom styles and JavaScript.

Converting WordPress website to WDS: Deleted CSS & JavaScript

If there were custom CSS and JavaScript, they were cleared. Many of the reasons for needing custom CSS or JavaScript have been eliminated with the WDS theme. You can copy it from your live website if it is still needed.

Working in Your Website

Block Editor & WDS Theme

The WDS Training video gives an overview of the Web Design System and block editing experience.

Converting WordPress website to WDS: Converting the Classic Block to Standard Blocks

You’ll want to convert the Classic block into blocks. Select the Classic block bar above your text for the toolbar to pop up. Then, select Convert to block from the toolbar. This will convert your content into blocks. You may need to make some additional changes to these blocks but the Convert to Block will do a majority of the work, if not all.

Search for Classic Blocks: You can find pages with the Classic block be searching for wp:freeform using the \ search bar on Posts or Pages.

Log In

Add /wp-admin to the end of your site’s homepage url to login to WordPress.

To save you time, bookmark your website’s dashboard. This will redirect you to the correct login page, [website URL]/wp-admin.

Note: Do not bookmark the actual login page since the website URL might change if we experience malicious site traffic.

Add Users to Your Website

People with Administrator access to the website can add users to the website.

Make sure your users are taking the digital accessibility assessment.

Digital Accessibility

Please complete the required Digital Accessibility Assessment to ensure your content meets accessibility requirements.

All web developers, content publishers, editors, domain owners, or anyone who has any other role in updating WSU web content need to take the digital accessibility assessment.

Important: The assessment is required and needs to be completed yearly per university policy.

Reference Documents


The brand website offers additional information about brand guidelines. Please review the Web and Digital information and the guidance section.

Get Help with Your Website

If you get to a point where you are stuck, we have our Slack Team where the WSU web community can provide help, join our Open Lab on Fridays where you can ask questions, or submit a web support ticket for help.