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Web Communication Web Accessibility

Web Accessibility

WSU is updating the web accessibility policy, Executive Policy 7, and web accessibility procedures on June 30 to continue to best serve our community and to meet state and federal requirements.

Guides and tools are available for web publishers and administrators. WSU faculty and staff are encouraged to become familiar with the web accessibility guidelines, and web publishers and administrators are encouraged to review their websites for compliance with those guidelines.

After June 30 all new web content must meet the updated standards. In addition, all web content created after January 1, 2014 must meet the updated standards by September 1, 2019. Training opportunities for web publishers will be announced soon, and support will be available for departments as needed.

As WSU Web Communication develops new resources, they will be posted on this site. Follow the new posts at for information as these are created.

If you have additional questions about web accessibility, please reach out through our contact form, the WSU Web Slack team, or at our weekly open labs.