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Web Communication Accessibility checklist

Accessibility checklist

This checklist helps developers identify potential accessibility issues affecting their websites or applications.

For more detail on accessibility standards, please see WCAG2.0 AA


  1. Site is keyboard accessible
    • All interactions can be accessed with a keyboard
  2. Site is free of keyboard traps
    • The keyboard focus is never trapped in a loop
  3. All form inputs have explicit labels
  4. All relevant images use an img tag
  5. All images have alt attributes
  6. Multimedia is tagged
    • All multimedia has appropriate captioning and audio description
  7. Text has sufficient color contrast
    • All text has a contrast ratio of 4.5:1 with the background
  8. Site never loses focus
    • Focus is always visible when moving through the page with the keyboard
  9. Tab order is logical
  10. Form instructions are associated with inputs
  11. Site doesn’t timeout unexpectedly
    • Identify elements that may “timeout” and verify that the user can request more time
  12. Tables are coded properly
    • Tables have proper headers and column attributes
  13. Headings are nested properly
    • Heading elements are nested in a logical way
  14. Frames are named
    • All frames have a name element
  15. Flashing elements are compliant
    • Elements that flash on screen do so at a rate of less than 3hz
  16. Language is set
    • The language for the page is set
    • The language for sections on the page that differ from the site language are set
  17. CSS is not required to use the page
    • The page makes sense with or without CSS
  18. Links are unique and contextual
  19. Page titles are descriptive
  20. Required browser plug-ins are linked on the page