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Web Communication Page titles

Page titles

Page titles are important because they help a user navigate their browser. Most users have multiple tabs open at once. It’s easier to jump between pages if each page title is unique. It’s also helpful to have the unique portion first, usually the name of the page.


  1. Check that the title shown in the tab for the page is unique and describes the page accurately.
    • The title should be in plain English.
    • The title should describe the web site as well as the specific page being displayed by the site.


<title>Page Titles - 18F Accessibility</title>

The title for this page is ‘Page Titles – 18F Accessibility’. The first half is the name of this page and the second is the name of the site.

The original text for this document was created by the 18F and made available in the public domain under the CC0 1.0 Universal license.

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