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Web Communication WSU Maps WordPress Plugin

WSU Maps Shortcode

This plugin provides a shortcode to embed maps from in your content. The only required attribute is the map’s ID. When you click “Link/Embed” while on, you will receive HTML that looks like this:

<iframe width="214" height="161" frameborder="0"
        scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0"
        src="" ></iframe>

The piece to copy as the map ID in the above HTML is 68DE9EF. This can then be used in WordPress as the following shortcode: [wsuwp_map id="68DE9EF"] By default, this will embed a medium size (354×266) map in your page. You can change the size with another attribute: [wsuwp_map id="68DE9EF" size="large"] This will embed a large (495×372) map in your page. The available sizes are as follows:

  • small – 214×161
  • medium – 354×266
  • large – 495×372
  • largest – 731×549

A custom size can be used by defining the width and height manually: [wsuwp_map id="68DE9EF" width="400" height="200"] In some cases, you may have a custom map created by University Communications. Use your alias as part of the shortcode rather than the ID: [wsuwp_map alias="my-custom-code" size="largest"]

And here’s the map!