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Web Communication WSU MailChimp

Plugin – WSU MailChimp

Provides a shortcode and a widget to easily display a subscription form to a MailChimp mailing list on your site.

Required Information

To use either the shortcode or the widget, you’ll need a MailChimp user ID and list ID. Neither of these are very easy to find, but it’s possible! 🙂

  1. Log in to your MailChimp account and navigate to the List you will be using.
  2. Click on Signup Forms
  3. Select Embedded Forms
  4. Look at the Copy/Paste code provided and find this area:
    • <form action="//;id=XXXXXXXXXX"
    • Preferred: Copy the text between the double quotes after action in the code just above. This is your “form_action” for the shortcode instructions.
    • The characters between u= and &amp; are your user ID.
    • The characters between id= and " are your list ID.
    • We’ll continue to make this easier one day.

Using the shortcode

The shortcode can be used anywhere once you have the user ID and list ID.

  1. Preferred: [wsu_mailchimp_subscribe form_action="//;id=XXXXXXXXXX"]
  2. [wsu_mailchimp_subscribe user_id="XXXXXXX" list_id="XXXXXXX"]
    • Outputs a standard subscription form for the specified user and list IDs. Uses the default subscription text.
  3. [wsu_mailchimp_subscribe user_id="XXXXXXX" list_id="XXXXXXX" subscribe_label="Enter your email address below" subscribe_button="Click!"]
    • Outputs a subscription form with a custom message above and in the button text.

Using the widget

The available options in the widget are exactly the same as the shortcode, but with easier entry. As you add the widget to a sidebar, you will see a place to enter server name, user ID, list ID, and the subscribe text options.