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Join the WSU Web Slack Team

The Web Communication team has embraced Slack as one of its daily tools. We use Slack to enable communication around the many projects that we work on day to day, as well as to increase incidental communication—sharing tips, suggestions, and interesting things that we find throughout the day.

Not too long ago, we started another Slack team for general use by the WSU web community. Anyone with a email address can join this team and participate in discussion. We hope to use this as another way to foster an open and collaborative culture around the web at WSU.

Signing up is quick. Head to to create an account. Once you’re up and running, post questions and discussion topics in the default #general channel.

We’d like to encourage a default to open mindset. Rather than relying on private messages, ask questions in the open so that everyone can benefit from the answer. Over time, we can gather more frequently asked questions and turn them into more proper documentation on