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Web Communication Selecting a Form Builder

Selecting a Form Builder

Why Build a Form?

There are several reasons why you would use a form:

  • Collecting feedback
  • Registrations
  • Submissions
  • Surveys

Types of Forms:

At Washington State University we have three tools our users can utilize when gathering input. While there is quite a bit of shared functionality between the tools, they each have their strong suits.

  • Gravity Forms
    • Plugin on the WordPress platform 
    • Good at taking small batches of non-sensitive data (see ep73)
  • Qualtrics
    • Third party service that WSU has an enterprise level licence with
    • Excellent for large surveys with conditional logic
    • Built in Data visualization tools
    • Can be distributed anonymously
  • Formtool
    • Homegrown solution in the process of being deprecated, but is currently the only option available for taking credit cards
    • Only form where there is an associated fee when setting up

How to Request each type:

Gravity Forms: If you do not see “Forms” in the left menu of your WordPress site’s backend:

Send a request to either your Web Coordinator, else the WebTeam for assistance in adding it.

Qualtrics: Signing into WSU’s qualtrics account will automatically create your an account with the ability to create new surveys.

Formtool: To request a Formtool, you will need to send a request to the web team. There is a fee of $350 for a new form and $175 for revamping an old form.

Comparison Table

 Gravity FormsQualtricsForm Tool
Credit Card Processingnonoyes
Sensitive Datanoyesno
General Inquiriesyesyesno