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Open Lab for April 12th, 2019

Topic: Brainstorming session on SEO for the WSUWP Platform and WSU websites.
Location Change: ITB 2071
Time: 9:30 am – 11:00 am

For open lab this Friday we’d like to spend some time discussing search engine optimization needs for WSU websites. Specifically we’d like to hear from you what tools, features, and training you think would be beneficial to improving SEO on your site(s).

If you have any questions about SEO or general website support Open Lab is a great place to bring them!

Open Lab Location Update & Adams Spine Template Available

Open Lab

Topic: Quick intro to Adams Spine Template.
Location Change: ITB 2071
Time: 9:30 am – 11:00 am

Adams Spine Template

The Adams spine template is now available for any website on WSUWP (WordPress Platform). The new template can be previewed or applied from the customizer.

Details about the new template, are located in our Confluence Knowledge Base.

This is a 1.0 release, and we would like to get feedback on any suggestions you might have to make the template better. Please submit feedback to our Jira Service Desk.

Personnel Announcement — Congrats and Best Wishes to Clint

It is bittersweet that I announce Clint Young’s resignation from his position as Senior Project Manager and Interim Director of Web Communication at WSU. Clint has accepted an awesome opportunity as Senior Global Marketing Project Manager at Itron, a global company that specializes in technology and services for the energy and water resource sectors. His last day in the office will be Friday, April 5.

Clint’s impact to the university throughout his more than seven-year tenure reaches far and wide. His limitless energy and fervent passion will be greatly missed. The web community and our team’s project management efforts have gained a tremendous amount of positive momentum under Clint’s leadership these past few months. Over the next three weeks, we will build a detailed transition plan to keep those efforts already underway moving forward. In addition, we intend to appoint an interim lead for the unit, with the goal of a permanent solution determined by fall 2019.

As Clint takes on new professional challenges, please take some time to thank him for all of that he has done for WSU. We are all better because of his contributions. Please reach out to me if you have any immediate questions or concerns. Otherwise, I will be in touch again soon.

All the best,

Three items of business

New Sr. WordPress Developer

We are thrilled to announce that Danial Bleile will start full-time with Web Communication on Feb. 21.

Danial has over 11 years of experience maintaining WordPress installations and developing custom themes and plugins. He has extensive experience in higher education including leading positions at two land grant universities. He brings with him additional experience in front-end web development, web accessibility, and server management.

Qualtrics open lab tomorrow

Topic: Data & Analysis

  • Data
  • Text

As always, please bring your Qualtrics projects and questions as well.

Join us on the Pullman Campus in ITB 2025 or online Friday, February 15, 2019 at 9:30 am.

Meeting ID: 254 221 140

Join open lab Zoom Meeting

Phone Call
+16699006833,,254221140# US (San Jose)
+19294362866,,254221140# US

Intro to WordPress [Makeup]

For those of you who missed our Intro to WordPress last week due to a failure in getting Skype for Business going, we’ve got you covered.

Details –
Date: February 27, 2019
Time: 2:30pm – 4:00pm
Location: ITB 2071

Meeting ID: 133 830 942

Join intro to WordPress Zoom Meeting

One tap mobile (Phone Call)
+16699006833,,133830942# US (San Jose)
+19294362866,,133830942# US

Web Communication Team Update

Good afternoon. I wanted to provide an update on some of the progress being made on the central web communication team. 

First, late last week we posted for a Senior Word Press Developer. This important position will be responsible for full-stack WordPress development at WSU. It closes on December 2. I encourage all of you to share with your networks, as appropriate.

Second, we are kicking off a project later this month that will be of interest to all content managers, designers and developers across WSU. This project will expand the default spine template offerings available on the WSU WordPress platform. This effort will be led by Clint Young, Eric Limburg, Jason Bittle and Danial Bleile.

As always, please remember to visit us at open lab every Friday morning or our service desk portal if you have any questions or want to learn more.

Out of the office

There will be multiple team members either on vacation or out of the office September 4 – 6, 2018. Open Lab will continue as scheduled on September 7, 2018.

If you need any urgent items addressed, feel free to contact Holly Sitzmann (

Web Communication Update

Good afternoon. As many of you know, WSU’s Web Communication team is currently undergoing some changes. With the departure of Jeremy Felt and Stephen Locker, as well as the reassignment of Clint Young, we currently have little capacity to focus on new web features and site builds. Instead, our team will primarily be focusing on maintenance of current systems right now.

As with any transition, there will be some hiccups and pain points. We hope to keep those to a minimum. If you encounter any issues, have questions or want to learn something new, please visit us at open lab every Friday morning or fill out our contact form

University Marketing and Communications remains deeply committed to maintaining a strong web presence. Updates regarding the Web Communication team will be posted here.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

Spambot / Ghost Filter Expanded – Deployment Recommended

Google Analytics ghost filter

A dramatic increase in spambot / ghost referral traffic was noticed over the past two months in Google Analytics reports. To block the spambot / ghost data from corrupting your sites’ analytics, a substantially expanded spambot / ghost filter was developed and tested.

The previous filter was designed to stop about 25 of the biggest spambot / ghost offenders. The new filter is designed to stop about 225 of the leading culprits.

Web Communication will continue to monitor GA data/reports for new spambot/ghost offenders, and eventually will create a second filter. (We hit Google’s character limitation with this expansion.)

Website/Google Analytics account managers are strongly encouraged to deploy the updated filter as soon as possible. (Please note: Departments that are partnering with Web Communications to help maintain Google Analytics accounts/properties have already had their spambot/ghost filters updated.)

If you are maintaining your own GA accounts/properties, here are the steps involved. (Estimated time: 1-2 minutes)

  • Log into your Google Analytics account.
  • Select a Google Analytics account.
  • Click on “All Filters.”
  • Select the ‘referral spam bots ghosts’ filter.
  • Highlight and DELETE the old “Filter Pattern.”
  • Copy and paste in the following filter pattern in the same field:


  • Check the first and last characters to make sure the entire filter pattern was accepted, and nothing was cut off.
  • Click ‘Save’.
  • Exit the account.

Thank you for your help in keeping WSU analytics accurate.

**Special thanks to Jeremy Bass for his expert coding in creating this filter.

Analytics properties linked to Search Console


Over the next few weeks, Web Communications will be “associating” Google Analytics properties (within the * family) with their corresponding Webmaster Tools / Search Console accounts. About 40 associations have been completed so far.

The natural response: ‘So what? What is that going to do for me?’

The Search Console allows website/GA owners to better see:

  • What pages have been indexed on your site
  • What domains link to your site
  • Errors encountered by web crawlers
  • The crawl rate of your site
  • Your website’s performance in Google organic searches
  • More data regarding keywords, landing pages, devices, etc.

Please note: This step, to associate GA properties with their Webmaster Tools/Search Console, is being performed only on Google Analytics accounts over which the site owners have granted Web Communication access and permission to help. Site owners who maintain their own GA accounts, without Web Communications assistance, might want to take this step on their own, in order to benefit from the additional analytics data.

For additional information, see