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Dec. 7 – web open lab: Qualtrics

We will be covering the following Qualtrics topics:

  • Quotas
  • Email triggers
  • Custom end of survey responses

Please bring any Qualtrics questions or projects you are working on.

Come join us at 9:30 a.m. on Friday in ITB 2025.


Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone.
United States: +1 (571) 317-3122

Access Code: 717-650-725

Nov. 30 – web open lab: TablePress

We will be covering the following topics:

  • Table creation
  • Import table from CSV
  • Add table to page/post
  • Other general TablePress topics

Bring your tips and tricks along with any TablePress questions. As always, bring any other web questions you might have.

Come join us at 9:30 a.m. on Friday in ITB 2025.

Nov. 9 – web open lab: Qualtrics

UPDATE: Room change to ITB 2071

We will be covering the following some beginner level Qualtrics topics:

  • Login
  • Question type basics
    • Descriptive Text
    • Graphic
    • Multiple Choice
    • Text Entry
  • Add Display Logic
  • Add Skip Logic
  • Look & Feel
  • Survey Options

Feel free to bring any Qualtrics questions to discuss before or after topic discussion.

Come join us at 9:30 a.m. on Friday in ITB 2071.


Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone.
United States: +1 (408) 650-3123

Access Code: 958-936-893

Oct. 19 – web open lab

We have guest host Lesa McPeak from CAHNRS for open lab this week!

She will be covering the following web accessibility topics:

  • Images & alternative text
  • Headings & content structure
  • Link text and links to documents
  • Text styling & color
  • Search engine optimization
  • Accessibility Testing

Come join us at 9:30 a.m. on Friday in ITB 2025.

New format for open labs

We have seen great success in our open labs each week (minus holidays) for over 4 years. Any student, faculty, or staff in Pullman on a Friday morning has been able to come in and ask questions on all things web to help further their efforts. We want to make open labs even better!

Starting this Friday, open labs will be taking on the following format:

  1. ~30 minutes for quick questions
  2. ~30 minutes on web topics
  3. ~30 minutes for questions on the web topic for that week or other general questions

One of the main reasons we want to modify the format is to help broaden the WSU web community and to open it up to even more people. We will be posting topics in advance, and we encourage you to share with potential interested colleagues across the university.

Here are the next 3 open lab topics:

  • October 12 – Dive into menus in WordPress
  • October 19 – TBD web accessibility topic
  • October 26 – Media library & document revisions in WordPress

In an effort to make open labs even better, we will be soliciting topic suggestions in the near future as well as finding a way to connect with other campuses. No matter what the weekly topic is, please come whenever you have a question and would like some one-on-one support.

Web accessibility update

Washington State University websites must be accessible to everyone who attends, works at, and enjoys the University.

New policy and procedures govern web accessibility

WSU recently updated its web accessibility policy, Executive Policy #7 (EP7), and added web accessibility procedures. The new policy and procedures strengthen the University’s ability to make its websites accessible to a diverse community. They set standards for WSU electronic and information technology (EIT) that are consistent with state and federal accessibility guidelines, regulations, and laws.

WSU employees must uphold accessibility standards

It is your responsibility to ensure that content that you create or update for WSU is accessible and complies with the revised policy and guidelines.

Required training

Starting in January 2018, WSU will offer web accessibility training online. Registration information will be announced after the first of the year.

Training is mandatory

If you are a web developer, content publisher, editor, domain owner, or have any other role in updating WSU web content, the University requires you to participate in training annually. You must complete training before publishing WSU web content.

Please share this information

If you are not directly involved in your department’s web content development, please forward this message to the appropriate staff.

Support services

The WSU Web Communications staff offers services to help you make your websites accessible. In addition to online training, you can take advantage of monthly workshops, online resources, and in-person support.

Monthly workshops

Strong working knowledge of accessibility issues and requirements is essential for web communicators. These free monthly workshops keep your knowledge up to date.


Writing for the web and making content accessible

Thursday, Jan. 4,
3:00–4:00 p.m.

Spark Academic Innovation Hub 212 (Pullman)

Live-streamed online (all campuses) This workshop introduces best practices for writing accessible web content. Whether you are a full-time web writer or you occasionally update content on your department’s website, you will learn how to create content that is accessible, organized, and succinct.

Register now

WSU web accessibility website

Bookmark this site! The web accessibility site provides resources for content creators, as well as scheduling and registration information for training sessions and workshops.

Web open lab

Fridays, 9:30–11:30 a.m.
ITB 2025, Pullman campus

Drop in to exchange ideas and get answers to your questions. Web Communications staff lead these weekly sessions. All are welcome to attend.

Online communication platform

Connect with more than 150 members of the WSU web community on the Slack communication channel. Join conversations, ask questions, and share solutions to accessibility challenges.

Open Lab coming to WSU Spokane

Hello WSU Spokane!

Web Communication will be on campus to help with any WordPress, online registration, or Qualtrics questions that you might have. All are welcome, so please spread the word. As always, please come when you can, and you stay as long as you like.

All sessions will be in SHSB 260

Wednesday March 15th
10:00 AM – 11:30 AM
1:00 PM – 2:30 PM
3:00 PM – 4:40 PM

Thursday March 16th
9:00 AM – 11:00 AM
1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Open Lab in Spokane on May 4

The web team will be making a trip up to Spokane on Wednesday, May 4th for another open labs session. Stop by PBS 118 from 10am to 12pm or SAC 313 from 1:30pm to 3:30pm and join the fun. Bring any web related questions, we’ll bring a thing or two to talk about as well.

See you there!


Open Lab Recap, Spokane Edition – March 23rd

Today was our first open labs session at WSU Spokane! We had 2 sessions, the morning in PBS and the afternoon in Academic Services. We had a nice turn out at both and are looking forward to our next at the end of April.

Spine Theme Updates

We briefly touched on a few of the updates from yesterday’s Spine Parent Theme release. Most of them are tweaks to existing behavior and styles to provide incremental improvements. A couple are new – specifically background images on columns.

Join the WSU Web community

A Slack team is available for questions, discussion, and general collaboration. Anyone with a email address can join without an invite. We also have a GitHub organization available where all of our work is published as open source.

Background images on sections and columns

In the page builder interface, images can be added as backgrounds to both sections and columns. Click on the gear icon to add each. At the moment, you’ll need the full URL to the image. We have issue #292 open in the Spine Parent Theme repository to track improvements to this interface in the future.

Content Syndicate

We walked through the ins and outs of the WSUWP Content Syndicate plugin, which is enabled on all sites by default. We even updated the documentation to link to a better document for how dates can be formatted.

Managing Menus

We walked through the interface for managing offsite and site menus, including the process it takes to remove or rename “Overview” links in the menu. This is something we should document and we now have issue #296 open in the Spine Parent Theme repository to do so. The BU Navigation plugin is also available for a different way of managing pages in menus in a more hierarchical way.


We went down the list of available plugins on the platform and walked through examples of Duplicate and Merge Pages, Gravity Forms, MailChimp, and TablePress.


At this point, we took lunch and moved to a different location on campus to continue open labs. 🌮

Afternoon session

Some of the stuff we covered in the afternoon session is repeat or very specific to individual sites. I’m going to break things down into some bullet points here.

  • Basics and the future of the People Directory.
  • Using the WSUWP Content Syndicate plugin.
  • How events can be submitted through the Community Events plugin or managed without the plugin.
  • How to access the Edit CSS screen.
  • How to manage ticket numbers associated with work orders in Gravity Forms and possible conditional logic associated with that.

March 18 – Open Lab Recap

Hi there! Here’s a brief recap of the topics we discussed in open lab this week.

Spine Updates

Jeremy demonstrated the recent enhancements and bug fixes he has made on the Spine. Check out his post to read about the changes that have been made. They are slated to be released next Wednesday.

Menu Item Highlighting

Sheilah mentioned that if a page being visited is not in the site navigation, but is a child of a page that is in the navigation, that parent page should be highlighted as current. This issue has already been tracked on the Spine Theme repo (#228), but we bumped it up to high priority.

“Quarters” Layout Behavior at Smaller Widths

Sheilah bought up that four column layouts collapse down to two rows of two columns at smaller screen widths. We don’t want to suddenly change this behavior as it has been the default since (presumably) the release of the Spine, but since it is inconsistent with the other layouts – the columns should stack and all be 100% wide on smaller screens – we may add a utility class that can be added to four-column rows to make them behave in a more expected manner.

Content Visibility

Sheilah asked about the possibility of restricting a section of a site to be available to only a few specific users. Leveraging the WSU Content Visibility plugin is probably best way to handle such a task, but it would need to be able to support adding individual NIDs and apply a page’s settings to its children. These features were tracked as issues on the plugins Github repo.

University Taxonomies on Events

Phil bought up that it would be valuable to have the University Taxonomies attached to Events. This should be easy enough to do!

Email Services

We had a good discussion about the pros and cons of different email sending services and options. Many colleges and departments are handling their own sending, and those present today related their experiences with using MailChimp and phpList, and the merits of using UComm’s Crimson Communiqué distribution service.

Content Overflow

Javier pointed out that horizontal scrolling isn’t available when a page has content that is wider than the browser window. In such cases, the overflowing content is simply cut off with no way to access it. We weren’t able to find a fix at the time but will continue to troubleshoot the issue until we do!

Google Calendar Embeds

Joyce asked about adding support for Google Calendar embeds for one of her site users. We added this as a high priority enhancement (issue #31) to the WSU Embeds plugin.

Thanks to everyone who attended. Until next time!