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Web Communication Web text properties

Web text properties

Having the HTML properties of your website set properly ensures assitive technology interacts with your site correctly. Accessible technology will read foreign languages, but they need to know when the language differs from the page’s default.


  1. Open the inspector panel.
  2. Locate the main html tag.
    • If the lang attribute isn’t set to the correct language, this is a failure.
  3. Identify any content that differs from the default language, make sure the content has its own lang attribute set with that language.
    • Any alternate language content not set constitutes a failure.



Sus ojos son verdes.

<p>Sus ojos son verdes.</p>

This text is Spanish and lacks a lang attribute.


Sus ojos son verdes.

<p lang="es">Sus ojos son verdes.</p>

This text passes because the lang="es" attribute identifies its content as Spanish.

The original text for this document was created by the 18F and made available in the public domain under the CC0 1.0 Universal license.

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