Introducing a new Accordion block for collapsible content.

One of the most frequently requested features for the new editor is a block that allows for accordion style content. The first draft of the block is now available so please try it out and let us know if you run into any issues!


  • Option (right panel) to set the heading level for each accordion block (h2-h6).
  • Option (right panel) to set the accordion size for narrow columns or a tighter look.
  • Accordion blocks placed next to each other will automatically group together.

Hero Banner


  • Hero banner background overlay. Add additional options (right panel) to lighten or remove the hero banner background overlay.
    ACCESSIBILITY NOTE: The option to remove the overlay completely should only be used in instances where there is no text in the banner or if the image is sufficiently dark to ensure proper contrast with any text.
  • WSU Pattern/Watermark. Add option (right panel) to remove the WSU watermark from hero banner images.

Bug Fixes

  • Eyebrow Heading. Fix CSS issue that caused the eyebrow heading to either disappear or not be editable.

News Cards


  • Use “AND” logic for category and tag terms. Add option (right panel / Advanced Feed Options) to switch to “AND” logic when using multiple terms. If you use multiple categories or tags in your feed, WordPress returns content that matches any of the supplied terms. In some cases however, you only want WP to return content that matches all of the terms. Switching on the “AND” logic tells WP to only match content that has all the provided terms.
    NOTE: To use the “AND” logic when requesting content from another site the target site must using the web design system theme.



  • Add option (right panel) for built-in heading and heading level selection.
  • Add option (right panel) for background color selection.
  • Add option (right panel) for border color selection with WSU accent colors.
  • Add option (right panel) to select HTML tag used for the callout (aside/div).
example of callouts with crimson border

Content Syndicate People, Events, and JSON feeds


  • Default styling for content syndicate people, events, and feeds is now built into the WDS Theme. Since many of our site owners already have styling in place for these feeds the CSS is not automatically on. To activate the styling go to the customizer and select WDS Advanced Options. You should see a checkbox to activate the content syndicate CSS.

Additional Updates

  • Added checkbox in the customizer to enable jQuery if needed.
  • Added styling for legacy WP alignments of images and content.
  • Shrink padding on the sides of the content in phone responsive view.
  • Fix top of page overlap when WP admin bar is showing.

In the Works

  • Horizontal navigation option
  • Allow for multiple hero banners (carousel)
  • Block for people/directory pages.
  • Block for displaying icons.