We have seen great success in our open labs each week (minus holidays) for over 4 years. Any student, faculty, or staff in Pullman on a Friday morning has been able to come in and ask questions on all things web to help further their efforts. We want to make open labs even better!

Starting this Friday, open labs will be taking on the following format:

  1. ~30 minutes for quick questions
  2. ~30 minutes on web topics
  3. ~30 minutes for questions on the web topic for that week or other general questions

One of the main reasons we want to modify the format is to help broaden the WSU web community and to open it up to even more people. We will be posting topics in advance, and we encourage you to share with potential interested colleagues across the university.

Here are the next 3 open lab topics:

  • October 12 – Dive into menus in WordPress
  • October 19 – TBD web accessibility topic
  • October 26 – Media library & document revisions in WordPress

In an effort to make open labs even better, we will be soliciting topic suggestions in the near future as well as finding a way to connect with other campuses. No matter what the weekly topic is, please come whenever you have a question and would like some one-on-one support.