As part of our ongoing effort to make the web at Washington State University accessible, the default template provided by the WSU Spine is being updated to meet WCAG 2.0 AA.

This 2.0.0 release will be a breaking change and will not be pushed automatically to sites that are using Development is in progress on the WSU Spine GitHub repository and we expect to release 2.0.0 on Monday, February 26.

Testing on custom sites can begin immediately with the following assets:


The WSU Spine Parent theme in WordPress will be updated to support version 2.0.0 shortly after release.

Highlights from WSU Spine 2.0.0:

  • Add screen reader shortcuts for main content and navigation to example HTML.
  • Add global styles for screen reader shortcuts.
  • Apply the default Spine color to #glue to help avoid false positives when automatically scanning for accessibility issues.
  • Remove handling of a transparent Spine.
  • Darken default body color to #2a3033.
  • Set body text to the root element font size, effectively increasing the default font size from 14px to 16px.
  • Remove em fallbacks for header font size.
  • Set line-height to 1.1 instead of 100% on small
  • Fix input styles so that font size matches root by default.
  • Set the default input color slightly darker – #717171 on #ffffff.
  • Re-introduce default browser :focus handling (outline).
  • Show default underline on anchors in main.
  • Restore :focus outline on Spine action tab buttons.
  • Improve the experience of the Spine search input field.
  • Avoid trapping a keyboard user in the Spine search input.
  • Fix and accurately describe the social media directory link.
  • Hide Spine navigation from screen readers when focus is on an open action tab.
  • Add more descriptive link text for share options in Spine.
  • Append Spine action sections to li rather than parent section to make screen reader behavior and keyboard navigation more natural.
  • Fix contrast issue with social sharing anchors.

If you have any questions or find any issues, please leave feedback on the WSU Spine GitHub repository, in the WSU Web Slack, or via our contact form.