In an effort to provide a better experience when managing taxonomy terms for posts, we have consolidated the multiple taxonomy meta boxes into one easy-to-use interface.

Rather a complete departure from the default experience, the new interface leverages the Select2 library to simplify and enhance it. Each taxonomy is represented by a single input. Clicking or focusing on a given input will provide the complete list of terms for that taxonomy. The terms can also be searched by simply typing in keywords. Both of these features are exemplified below:

An animated screenshot showing an example of the search support.
Too many terms to scroll through? Just start typing to search!

The process for adding new terms to a taxonomy is largely the same as it was previously. For hierarchical taxonomies like Site Categories, click the “+ Add New Category” text and use the small form that pops up to add the new term. For non-hierarchical taxonomies – like Tags – simply type in the new term followed by a comma. While it may seem strange that the process is different depending on the taxonomy type, there are technical reasons for the differences (one being that Categories and other hierarchical taxonomy terms can theoretically contain commas). Aside from those reasons, keeping the two different processes seemed to make more sense than introducing something new and unfamiliar.

A screenshot showing how to add new terms.
Adding new categories or tags will be familiar to those who are used to the old interface.

For the developers out there interested in including their custom taxonomies in this interface, or using it on custom post types, the
filters, respectively, are provided for doing just that. The use of these filters will be documented soon!