The plugin managing analytics on the WSUWP platform has been updated to use Google Tag Manager (GTM) as its method for tracking site, application and global analytics. This change affects sites hosted on the central WordPress platform and is not yet a suggested change for other WSU sites.

Managing these Google Analytics tracking IDs through GTM allows us to make changes to how events are tracked in a central area without requiring code level changes across all WSU sites. Our hope is that experimenting with GTM on WSUWP Platform sites now will allow us to have a more robust tracking system deployed in 2017.

No actual changes have been made to how the data is being collected. When these changes are made, we’ll communicate them here so that you’re familiar with the reporting possibilities for your site.

The Google Tag Manager interface only affects how the data is collected. To see a site’s analytics, you will still use the standard Google Analytics interface.

If you notice any issues with analytics tracking on your site, please reach out via Slack, Open Lab, or email to Bob Frank and we can work with you to make any required changes.