Hello! WSU Web Communication is working on the next generation of a web framework for use as a base throughout the University. This framework will be made up of several different pieces, including the WSU identity, WSU web identity, and a general toolkit for working on the web at WSU.

In many ways this will be similar to what is now the WSU Spine, which has been the central framework for University sites since June of 2014. The Spine provides the vertical navigation, WSU identity, and mobile friendly framework that is behind much of the web at WSU.

We have a lot of great ideas for where we want to take the new WSU Web Framework, and we’ll be sharing and developing those in the open. First, we want to take a look back and apply the lessons we’ve learned from the WSU Spine project over the last several years.

It would be extremely helpful to have your feedback. If you’re a WSU web reader, editor, developer, or have any interest at all in the future of the web at WSU, please consider completing the WSU Spine Feedback form.