A new version of the Spine (1.4.0) is being prepped for release on Wednesday, March 23d. This is a release for enhancements and bug fixes only. We do not expect anything to break backward compatibility. 🙂

It would be great if you could spend a few minutes testing things out over the next several days. If you are an admin on the WSUWP Platform, you can change the version of the Spine that your site uses through the Customizer.

We’re still working on a full changelog to share, and will post a preliminary one soon. In the meantime, here are the primary areas to focus on:

  • Mobile navigation has been completely refactored. All modern smartphones and tablets are now expected to work. The interaction in general should be much smoother and reliable.
  • Several bugs in the Spine navigation area on all sizes have been addressed.
  • Open Sans font files are no longer being hosted as part of the Spine on repo.wsu.edu. Instead, please load Open Sans from Google Fonts in your templates. If you’re running WordPress outside of our WSUWP Platform, please make sure you’re using the latest version of the Spine Parent Theme. If your site is in the platform, you’re already good.

If you notice any bugs, please reach out through our community Slack or by filing an issue on GitHub. Thanks!