WSU UComm Web Team needs your help and expertise for about 3-5 minutes, please.

Attached is a link (see below) to a rough-draft list of schools, departments, programs, offices and units at WSU. The WSU Ucomm team is trying to create a list that is as current and complete as possible, so that these items can be incorporated into WSU’s universal analytics program, which is about to come online shortly.

Despite many searches, we know there are a number of items missing, so we are asking you to help us catch those that apply to your area.

REQUEST: Please take a few minutes to review this list, to add, delete or edit items that have been overlooked, and/or misnamed. Just insert your corrections, save the document, and email it as an attachment to

Please note, we have intentionally deleted that tags that go with these names, like “office of” or “school of” or “center for.” (The names of Campuses, Colleges, and Extension units are a separate list.)

The MS Word Tracking program has been turned on, so, your edits will appear in color, allowing us to identify and include them.

Thank you in advance for your time and help!

Here’s the link to the file on Dropbox