Version 0.18.0 of the Spine Parent Theme has been released and is now in place on the WSUWP Platform. It contains multiple improvements over 0.17.0. The list below covers some very minor releases for versions 0.17.2 through 0.17.4 as well.


  • Improve the single template for individual people in the University Center Objects plugin.
  • Improve the archive template for a list of people in the University Center Objects plugin.
  • Add missing padding to the footer section on the standard single layout.
  • Add default editor styles for larger images, making them easier to manage.
  • Fix a bug where social icons were not appearing in the Spine by default.
  • Fix a bug where section configuration was not available in page builder for single sections.
  • Merge upstream changes from Make 1.4.7


  • Add a later priority when enqueueing styles and scripts to cascade on top of plugin styles.
  • Enable Health Sciences Spokane campus signature.
  • Use a campus specific home URL in the Spine.


  • Fix issue with duplicate titles appearing in <title>
  • Add actual support for Thumbnail Image on archive views, fall back to Featured Image.


  • Address bug (#145) that caused the removal of <p> tags when updating existing content.

As always, please reach out if you have any issues or questions! Issues on GitHub for the Spine Parent Theme can be created by anyone. A general forum for community support will be coming soon.