A major cornerstone of WSU’s Spine Parent Theme for WordPress is the open source theme, Make. For several months we’ve been behind on some great upstream changes from that theme, focused more on our own customizations. Today we’re happy to announce that version 0.17.0 of the Spine Parent Theme mirrors the builder functionality provided by Make 1.4.6.

You’ll likely notice the change immediately if you use page builder for creating pages in WordPress as there have been several improvements to the interface.

The section layouts available in version 0.17.0
The section layouts available in version 0.17.0

When you choose a section layout, you’ll see a couple different configuration icons available. As demonstrated in the animation below, clicking on these will bring up an interface for adding custom classes or other options to the sections and the columns within.


While the ability to add custom classes and wrappers to sections has been in the page builder for a while, adding custom classes to individual columns is new. We hope interfaces like this allow designers and front end developers to stretch the bounds of the page builder and the WSU Spine framework while continuing to make it easy for those who manage content.

The interface around the banner/slideshow feature has been improved quite a bit as well. There are still some areas which will require custom CSS on the front end, and we’ll be tackling a default set of styles for that in the near future.

Also worth a mention, from 3 previous minor releases that did not get a full post:

  • In 0.16.1, we added a class to main for search results pages to help with targeted styles.
  • In 0.16.2, we added template support for the very much in alpha University Center Objects plugin.
  • In 0.16.3, we corrected an overlapping media query that caused the WordPress admin bar to jump at the wrong time.

As always, please reach out if you have any issues or questions! Issues on GitHub for the Spine Parent Theme can be created by anyone. A general forum for community support will be coming soon.

Update – 0.17.1 Release (3:40pm)

  • The option to set Slide URLs was not appearing properly in the builder. This has been resolved.
  • Campus signatures are now available for most campuses in Appearance -> Customizer.