The latest version of the WSU Spine framework has been released. This release specifically addressed a bug in which the mobile menu icon may not appear for some mobile devices. We recommend updating as soon as possible so that mobile visitors are not left wondering about the menu. 🙂

To automatically receive the benefits of bug fixes like this, we recommend using the latest version of the Spine from the centrally hosted server.

The above are the current, best URLs and are cached by browsers for an hour. When a new minor version is shipped, bug fixes and enhancements will appear very quickly. We will not break backward compatibility in a minor release.

If you would like to stick to a specific release:

These have the benefit of being cached in browser for 120 days, though require attention whenever the Spine is updated.

When following along with development:

These are cached in the browser for only 10 minutes and can be considered bleeding edge. This is the first place to test fixed bugs, but may also be considered unstable from time to time.

Updates will continue to be posted on this site about the Spine and other web projects. You can also follow along with development at the WSU Spine repository.