Version 0.16.0 of the Spine Parent Theme has just been released. There are multiple improvements over 0.15.0

Archive pages for tags and university categories were displaying Archives as a generic sub header. This has been changed so that the name of the tag or category is displayed instead when viewing an archive of posts.

Our default 404 text was This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it? While this is light hearted to some, it can also be embarrassing in itself. We’ve replaced it with a standard Page Not Found and will attempt to provide something more useful to the visitor over time.

Individual slides in slideshows built with the builder templates can now have URLs assigned to them. If a URL is assigned, the entire slide will be wrapped in that URL.

An option is now available under Advanced Options in the customizer to display either full content or an automatic excerpt on archives of posts where there is no manual excerpt or inserted read more tag. This is a site wide option and will affect all archives.