Version 0.15.0 of the Spine Parent Theme has just been released. There is a significant change in how columns are presented in the builder template sections as well as a couple more minor updates.

Previously, when a “columns” section was added to the page, we displayed each of the columns at 50% width. This was the same for sidebar right, sidebar left, halves, thirds, and quarters. While this was almost useful in helping to show how content would display on the front end, it made it very tough to manage large blocks of content in simple layouts–especially when the majority of that content was going in one of the columns.

Today, the templates have been changed so that each column fills 100% of the section width when editing the page. Columns are stacked on top of each other in the order they will display on the front end. Each column has a toggle to expand or minimize the full content area when editing. This state is persistent when saving the page, so comes in very handy when dealing with large pages.

We’ve also added more social channels to be configured through the Customizer. Flickr, Instagram, Vimeo, and Google Plus URLs can now be entered. If you are using the develop branch of the WSU Spine (configurable through advanced options in the Customizer), you will see icons immediately. If you are on version 1, these icons will appear when the next major release of the Spine is deployed.

And finally, we’ve removed the sidebar class from the sidebar right and margin right page templates. This was deprecated a while ago in favor of the more explicit side-right, margin-rightside-left, and margin-left classes and is not targeted anywhere in the Spine framework.