On June 30th, 2014, WSU’s University Communications’ web team released version 1.0 of the Spine framework.

Visually, the WSU Spine is the standardized, left-hand column that will bind together the many websites of wsu.edu going forward. As a framework, the WSU Spine is a minimal template that provides a set of built-in tools and a responsive and flexible grid for every WSU website.

With a uniform and global spine on the left and a blank, unwritten page to the right, the Spine upholds the unity and diversity of Washington State University.

The Spine framework:

  • Consistently brands the university across websites and platforms
  • Provides usable and consistent navigation and tools
  • Provides a responsive grid for the full range of devices

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Version 1.0

For developers, the significance of the 1.0 release is that a static release at http://repo.wsu.edu/spine/1/ is now available and will remain in place and largely unchanged, providing a stationery target for site development.

Still, development continues apace. More fixes and refinements are necessary and on the way. You are very welcome to join the effort on GitHub.